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ENS onboarding made fun & easy

Easily integrate rich ENS user journeys into your wallet, app, or game

NameKit Overview

The vision

Bring ENS to millions of people where they already are

Directly embed ENS onboarding into every wallet, app, and game.

Customize to match your brand and UI

Integrate into your “host app” via UI Kit, SDK, or APIs depending on preference

+ more


Make your ENS integration worthwhile

Earn recurring revenue with ENS

Our natively integrated ENS user journeys empower content creators, registrar front-ends, wallets, and all other Web3 apps to build and monetize ENS services for their communities.

Craft your own unique premium pricing strategies

Offer unique value propositions for your community and be rewarded by setting price premiums above base name rates.

Revenue sharing

NameKit will automatically integrate with potential future ENS Referrer Programs.

Sell AI-generated avatars

Customize the price of generating a tailored avatar for your users.

Automate name renewals

Define customized price premiums for auto-renewal services.

Custom revenue sharing rates

Monetize secondary market listings – earn $$ when a name sells through your app.

Claim the name you really want

Unified Primary & Secondary Markets

Millions of the most desirable names are already taken. But don’t worry. Hope isn’t lost. The name you love could still be yours for the right price. NameKit automatically aggregates data across web3 about names listed for sale. Offers to buy a name through NameKit automatically appear across all major marketplaces.

Automatic integrations with:

+ more than 10 more

Unified primary and secondary ENS name markets

Discover a name you love

NameGraph Integration

Want access to the world’s largest knowledge graph of names, enabling your users to explore over 500,000 collections and hundreds of millions of names? Seamlessly connect with external tools such as NameGraph or integrate your own preferred name suggestion tool.

Explore the NameGraph

NameGraph integration

Name security

NameGuard integration

Protect your community with NameGuard for ENS. Guard your users from heartbreak and encourage best practice usage of ENS.

NameGuard integration

Community & Brand

ENS names for your community

Expand your brand’s reach and build community by issuing subnames. NameKit integrates with your preferred strategy for subname issuance—whether it’s offchain, L2s, or L1. Name searches in NameKit default to “.eth” as the default root, but you can customize to “.yourbrand.eth” or “” as done by Coinbase.

Composable integrations with:

namespace logo


Issue ENS subnames

Portable Web3 Profiles

Manage your ENS identity

Enable your community to build and customize every detail of their ENS profile without ever leaving your app.

ENS name profile management

Design your identity

AI-Generated Avatars

Harness the power of the pixel. Immerse your users in an interactive, video game-inspired 'create your player' user journeys to shape their unique ENS identity.

Composable integrations with:

AI generated avatars


View rich profiles

It's more than just a name – it's your web3 identity. Provide your community the ability to craft their perfect profile, showcase shared connections, and discover other like-minded frens.

Composable integrations with:

POAP logo
Web3 Identity

Web3 Chat

Engage with others

Provide your community with access to their interoperable web3 inbox directly inside of your application so they can bring their messages with them everywhere they go.

Composable integrations with:

ENS Messaging

Recurring Revenue

Never lose a name you love with ENS AutoRenew

In the hustle and bustle of life, ENS name renewals can slip through the cracks. Give your community peace of mind (and earn recurring revenue!) with ENS AutoRenew. What’s more, it also helps everyone save on gas fees, intelligently initiating renewal transactions at the most cost-effective moments.

ENS Name AutoRenew

Developer API tooling


NameKit seamlessly integrates with the (soon to be) open sourced ENSNode backend. ENSNode powers many of the special features in NameKit and accelerates your ENS integrations by removing a lot of the complexity you would otherwise encounter. Integrate with our free APIs or run everything in your own infrastructure.

ENS Node Architecture Overview

In Progress

What we’re building

NameKit is currently in its alpha phase. Stay tuned for the beta where we will begin open sourcing everything! We’ll soon be sharing all of NameKit with the global developer community.

Open Source Libraries

Our public resources will establish a new bedrock of developer infrastructure to help catalyze the global growth and adoption of ENS.

Open APIs and SDKs

Get ready for a full suite of powerful new developer tools and resources. Every element is meticulously crafted and designed to fuel the growth of ENS.

Open UI Kits

Designed to streamline your application’s use of ENS, our UI components, patterns, and elements will delight users and save you critical time when building.

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